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Why Should You See A Chiropractor For Your Headaches


Headaches have found their way into the heads of humanity. The pain they give us varies, sometimes turning into severe migraines that cause people to vomit. But who do you turn to when Advil simply won’t treat your most extreme cases?

Exactly when do I need professional help?

Many times, our headaches tread an average pain path; you feel the squeezing sensation and once your recommended dose of Advil, you’re in the green! Otherwise, how do you know when the “normal” headache isn’t so normal anymore? Medical professionals recommend reaching out for help if:

  • Your headaches not only continue, but actually get worse.
  • You feel the need to take more than your recommended dose of medicine.
  • Your week consists of headaches.

Breaking down a migraine (or headache) gives us a better idea of the pain factors and a clear idea of the proper recovery methods to consider. Tension headaches, which are considered the most frequent type of cranium issue, are resolved with commonly used medicine such as advil, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Treatment forMigraines require a prescription from a doctor due to the strength of the anti-inflammatory remedies that help calm the pain. Cluster headaches can be healed by oxygen mask procedures, anesthetics, and injections of octreotide.

What we do differently

At Harper Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, our expert chiropractors promote spinal corrections to relieve and prevent headaches. Harper testimonials and success stories acknowledge the success of “spinal adjustments” to improve cranium health. What our procedures do is provide immediate relief for headaches that begin in the neck area. Since we’re able to fix the physical source of the issue, patients have seen that their symptoms didn’t return nearly as much as when they were relying on over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

If you are interested in chiropractic care to treat your migraines, call Harper Wellness Center at 713-622-3456 to schedule an appointment today!

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